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Premium Direct is Unleaded’s answer to turnkey design and printing solutions that support your business objectives quickly and effectively. As the sister company of an award-winning, full-service advertising agency that specializes in business-to-business campaigns, Premium Direct was established specifically for clients who need fast turnaround on jobs and prefer a project-based approach to their marketing initiatives.

About Us

Premium Direct offers our clients high-quality print and Web marketing solutions that cover everything from direct mail and collateral, to company catalogs and guidebooks, e-mail blasts and more. Based in Houston, Texas, our capabilities are supported by knowledgeable customer service representatives, an experienced print production team and an in-house digital printing facility that boasts the most advanced equipment in the industry. What all of that means to you, our client, is that we are able to handle everything all right here under one roof – from initial concept to final product, we deliver.

The quality of offset, without the limitations.
Our tagline says it all: Premium marketing. Direct solutions. At Premium Direct, we’re committed to producing head-turning print pieces quickly and affordably. In fact, we deliver clients the finished project in a week or less in most cases. That’s from your initial contact to the moment you receive the printed piece in your hands. Our expedited design-to-print capabilities are the direct result of an expert team and a printing facility that features the latest technology and resources. Your printed pieces will pop with vibrant colors that compel your target audience to pay attention to your message. And, our advanced digital system offers print-on-demand flexibility, allowing you to print just the quantity you need, whenever you need it – no more, no less. You get the quality of an offset press, without the need to print in bulk to keep costs down.

Our Services

Digital printing has come a long way in the last few years. In fact, even a trained eye can have difficulty distinguishing a well-done, digitally printed piece from one printed using traditional offset methods. And, since digital printing is free from the constraints of traditional offset printing, marketing materials can be tailored to individual customers’ preferences and previous purchase patterns.

Studies show as much as a 500-percent increase in response rates for one-to-one marketing, also known as variable-data printing (VDP), as compared to mass direct mail campaigns targeting the same customers. Even the size of the order and frequency of repeat orders increase significantly when printing is personalized.

Premium Direct is your source for VDP solutions, as well as digital printing that doesn’t require personalization. We will also provide offset printing upon client request. In other words, if you can envision it, we can produce it – and fast. We’ll also keep what we create for you readily accessible to you. Through our digital asset storage and management feature, you can access PDF files of jobs we’ve completed for you in the past, and print them on demand.

The HP Indigo Press 5500

Premium Direct utilizes the most advanced technology and resources to deliver the highest quality printed pieces, including the state-of-the-art HP Indigo Press 5500. The HP Indigo is known for producing print material with an offset look and feel and true-to-life photo quality. The system’s high degree of flexibility means we can adapt it according to your specifications.

HP has always been an innovator in providing technology that meets the demands of businesses of all sizes. The HP Indigo Press 5500 is no exception, delivering unparalleled quality quickly and efficiently. What that means for your business is greater productivity and, in turn, increased profits.


Premium Direct is your single source for fast, effective printing solutions. Our industry-leading technology and in-house resources make us the only name you need to know for all your marketing projects – from start to finish. We’re located in the heart of downtown Houston. Contact us today for a quick quote! 

Premium Direct

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